Consultation Meeting

As included in our manifesto, another Consultation meeting will be held next Wednesday in our office at 13.00.

The Consultation meeting is an opportunity where students can be informed with current projects and ask questions in front of the council.

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Youth Hub

”Jien u l-principal ilna nitkelmu fuq din il-biċċa xogħol għal ftit ta’ żmien flimkien ukoll maz-zagħzagħ, li fil-verita kien il-kunsill ta’ dan il-kuleġġ li ħareġ b’idea li din l-area tigi żvilupata” Miriam Theuma CEO Aġenzija Zgħazagħ

”Ngħaqqdu dawk l-ideat li joħorġu bihom inkluz l-istudenti, u għalhekk meta l-kunsill tal-istudenti ħareġ bl-idea li hawnhekk nagħmluh post jilqa’ l-istudenti, aħna rajna dan is-suġġeriment validu.” – Prinċipal Mr. Xuereb

Work on the Youth Hub took two years of meetings, preparations and collobrations between KSJC, the administration and the Agenzija Zghazagh.

Today students can make the best use of the hub, using the games on offer and the service of the youth worker present, as promised.

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KSJC Yearbook 2013-2014

The Second Edition of the Junior College Yearbook is now out!

Students can get their copy from any council member for just €2!

The Yearbook is made up of hundreds of photos of junior College students, along with pages about current projects under way, and information about the student organisations found in college.

The work continues!

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Mini Refrigerator

The council has bought a brand new mini refrigerator and placed it in our office. 

This is a new service being added during office opening hours as starting from tomorrow.

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Bicycle Shelter

As promised in our manifesto, work has finally commenced on the creation of a bicycle shelter at the already existing KSJC bicycle rack.

The creation of a tent will provide shelter from the sun and rain. KSJC is comitted to give students the best safe environment where to park their bicycles.

The bicycle rack was created a year ago, and is situated in the parking just outside the administration offices.

Bicyle usage is on the increase. We encourage students that live near-by to start cycling to JC!

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Outdoor Gym Petition

Following yesterday’s PR issued on FB, today we launched a petition amongst JC students calling on the authorities to to implement the outdoor gym as soon as possible.

KSJC reminds all students that the petition which started going round today with regards to the Outdoor Gym, will be circling round tomorrow also.

All signatures will be presented to Parliament Segretary of Sports Chris Agius in the coming days.

All students are encouraged to participate in this initiative by KSJC, aiming to make all students’ voices heard.

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Call For Artists

Call for artists!

As part of our manifesto, we are proudly starting an Art Competition amongst Junior College students.

Submit a copy of your sketches by not later than friday 17th October by handing them in to any KSJC members!

This is a project in collaboration with the administration and the canteen management.
Looking forward!

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KSJC meets Chris Agius and holds discussions on Outdoor Gym project.

The KSJC (Kunsill Studenti Junior College) has always striven towards offering a more holistic experience for students at the Junior College. This has been done in various ways, which have included the promotion of sports and other related activities amongst students. It was therefore proposed in 2012, that an outdoor gym would be set up on the college grounds, so as to provide students with a space where they can exercise during their free hours at the college.

Timeline of Events 


 1. In March 2013, following an application to the Kunsill Malti għall-Isport (KMS) for an Outdoor Gym to be set up, the KSJC received correspondence claiming the approval of sixty thousand euro (€60, 000) to be allocated towards this project, but which was subject to budgetary approval. 

2. The KSJC waited upon the government for funds to be allocated. However, due to various issues, including a reforming process within KMS due to a change in government, no other correspondence was received.

3. Despite this, the KSJC got in contact with University Architect Dr Chris Spiteri and the Junior College board through the student representatives, who approved the project, if funding were to be put forward. 

4. In October 2013, new KMS CEO Mr Colin Calleja, together with the rest of the parties concerned, approved the continuity of this €60, 000 project. This meant that the commencement of a tender process was to start. However, no such processes were further mentioned. 

5. Following further correspondence with the involved parties throughout the past year, by the KSJC Executive for term 2013-2014, the KSJC held a meeting with Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius on Monday 6th of October 2014. The meeting’s outcomes showed that despite this project not being in the government’s plans, Mr Agius would be willing to discuss the proposal of such a project to be funded by the government, were it to be agreed that Junior College students would find this project to be viable, and therefore make use of it.

In light of this, KSJC held a KPS Meeting on Wednesday 8th of October 2014, where student organisations at Junior College, including Pulse and SDM, through the council’s KPS Structure, voted in favour of this project. This further means that student organisations, on behalf of other Junior College students, show their support towards the council’s efforts for this project to be put forward.

The council urges the government to consider this appeal towards a project which a large number of students would surely benefit from. The council believes that in efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst youths, this project would be the way forward for such efforts to be reached.